Cumberland River Has More Than Fishing

While Cumberland River is world famous for its fishing, there are tons of activities for everyone that does not necessarily include fishing.

Example A for this year, when the annual Cumberland River free fishing day catfish rodeo was cancelled because of a lack of catfish. In its place came Waterfest: a free event for kids and pets put on by the Cumberland River Compact. It attracted hundreds of families to the event and made for a great event for everyone.

The Cumberland River Compact put on the Waterfest to help raise support for improving water quality in the Cumberland basin. That, and a promotional coupon offered by in the wake of the cancellation led to a spike in attendance from overheated tourists and locals alike. If you were flying in from out of state you could also redeem a budget car rental promo code that was set up especially for the event.

Organizers say that they were heartened by the attendance this year, and that they hope to put on Waterfest every year, not just on catfish cancellation years.

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